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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <lhf <at>> writes:

> Does tcc choke with the original line, which is reproduced below?
>   tf = ((c == LUA_SIGNATURE[0]) ? luaU_undump : luaY_parser)(L, p->z,
>                                                    &p->buff, p->name);

The binary version from the tcc website does indeed (version 0.9.23-PE).
C:\lua-5.1.1\src>tcc all.c
In file included from all.c:10:
ldo.c:495: function pointer expected

I patched my version of tcc and it compiles LUA fine now.

It still needs 
#define LUAI_DATA   extern

or else it complains:
ltm.h:46: unknown type size

Henk Schaer