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I admire you for standing up against Perl. I wouldn't want to work for an employer who chose to do something so foolish as to use Perl on purpose, on a new project. What are they thinking???

Using Perl is simply irresponsible and unprofessional, like building an elementary school with asbestos insulation and lead paint. The fact that people who didn't know any better used to do that years ago, is no excuse for still not knowing any better and repeating the mistakes of the past again.

   -Don wrote:

My employer offered me today a Perl scripting project. If I really need to use that language in it, I already informed them I will quit. :)

Just in case this happens, I'd be available for Lua-oriented job offerings, either remotely or around the Globe. CV can be sent on request.

btw, does any of You on the list actually still use Perl for new projects? I hope not.... My deep apologies, if you do.