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Noticed the web dominance, too... :)

Perhaps web is an area, where :
- benefits are obvious (number of servers you'll need, Lua can be 10x faster than.. $p*rl) - interfaces exist (so new background frameworks won't matter to the user)
- entry level is low (HTML needs a text editor, right..)

Compared with games, and embedded arena, there's probably more openness, and wish to interchange technologies, too.

One thing I'm eager to see is, how much overlap, and/or synergy there would be amongst these approaches. Perhaps, a new LKL (Lua Kepler Lumikki?) is about to see Light! ;)


Daniel Silverstone kirjoitti 1.9.2006 kello 15.28:

On Thu, 2006-08-31 at 22:22 -0300, Reuben Thomas wrote:
Since I only have five minutes for my talk, including questions
(13:30-13:35 on Tuesday), I thought the attendees had better have the

Hopefully we'll be able to adjust talk times as the opportunity presents
itself. I have the first half-hour slot but if people are more
interested in other things I can adjust my talk time downward rather

Hopefully you'll be able to talk about Nancy for as long as you need to
get the information across.

As a side note, I'm amused by the huge number of different web platforms
around at the conference. Is Lua finally taking over from PHP?


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