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"Philippe Lhoste" wrote in message news:ed6ogf$mc8$
Vyacheslav Egorov a écrit :
D Burgess wrote:
Well, it is a bit of work. There was a few years back (Lua4 era)
a thing called "LuaScript" that provided what you seek.

I once tried to implement such a thing (I called it Artemis) for Lua 5.0.
But then I found that it requires a deep understanding of COM, and IActiveScipt magic, so when Artemis started to work more or less stable I suspended development and decided that nobody should see this ugly implementation draft. That is why still remains empty...

I would love to see something like LuaScript (which was very buggy) come back. Not to script Web pages (it would be usable only in intranets), but to script Windows (replacement of VBScript/JScript).

Well, for Windows what you are wanting would be a new language for the Windows Scripting Host. I suspect this is moderately difficult, but it certainly is entirely possible. Python has done it!

I'm thinking that Windows basically hands the scripting engines one or more ActiveX objects to expose. So most of the work is intospecting the COM object, and expose them to the scypting environment.

AIUI doig it properly automatically makes IE support the language too. (Which means that IE's COM [web standard] support is implemented with COM [ActiveX tech.].)