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"The job to convert between MBCS and UNICODE is not so hard in fact."
Sorry for that, English is not my native language, and I often forget 
the "not" in the sentence,:(.

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From: "jason zhang" <>
To: "Lua list" <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2006 2:26 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: WinCE porting for Lua5.1

> Hi,
> The diffs is in the attachment.
> The job to convert between MBCS and UNICODE is so hard in fact. 
> There are not much place needed to be modified. You can read the 
> diffs, it's short.
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> From: "Don Hopkins" <>
> To: <>; <>; "Don Hopkins" <>
> Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2006 2:04 PM
> Subject: Re: Fw: WinCE porting for Lua5.1
>> Hello! I'm interested in your port of Lua to WinCE. I am working on that
>> myself. I'd like to help out. Are the diffs of your port available for
>> download, please?
>> I've taken a first crack at stripping down the w32 extension to support
>> the stuff you can do in Windows CE, but there are a bunch of other
>> functions I'd like to add as well. Most of the drudge work was
>> converting back and forth between lua 8 bit strings and WinCE's wide
>> character strings, and freeing the temporary strings. SWIG is great at
>> doing that tedious stuff for you (you just write a typemap which SWIG
>> applies to all the wrapper parameters automatically), so maybe it would
>> be easier to make a SWIG interface to Win32/WinCE, instead of wrapping
>> it by hand.
>> I'm using SWIG to wrap C++ objects and libraries, for the Windows CE
>> version of Lua (I use SWIG a lot for Python, on Linux and Windows too).
>> I had to tweak the SWIG lua back-end a bit to get it to support linking
>> together multiple SWIG interfaces to different (separately SWIGged)
>> modules at once. A few identically named functions needed to be declared
>> static so they didn't collide, and I needed to take the parens out of a
>> macro that put parens around the type name whe applying the "new"
>> operator to a type name: "new (int)[10]" confuses the compiler, but "new
>> int[10]" works. Now I've got SWIG wrapping C++ classes that use STL
>> string parameters, and multiple modules work together nicely with Lua.
>> If you're interested, just ask, and I'll send you diffs for the
>> modifications I made to SWIG's Lua back-end.
>> To integrate SWIG with Microsoft Visual Studio version 8, I made a
>> "custom build rule" to support running SWIG on .i files. But I had to
>> resort to ugly hacks to get it to work. I made a build rule for .i
>> files, but it insisted on trying to apply the build rule not only to the
>> .i files, but also to the project itself, when I tried to (get this)
>> deploy it in the emulator after it built. That caused an error that
>> aborted the debugging process. Very weird -- something's Rotten in
>> Redmond. So I added a customizable parameter to the build rule called
>> "Disabled" that puts an "echo" in front of the swig command, and used it
>> to disable the top level swig rule on the project (since I could not
>> figure out any other way to disable or delete it, and the documentation
>> is horrible). But then of course the custom build rules on the .i files
>> inherited the "Disabled: true" parameter, so I had to manually override
>> them to enable them... Does anybody understand how custom build rules
>> are supposed to work? It seems like the Microsoft supplied ones don't
>> have this problem of trying to apply it to the project when you deploy,
>> but the one I wrote does. If you're interested, just ask, and I'll send
>> you the XML file for the custom build rule.
>> I'd like to wrap a bunch of the Win32 telephony and other APIs that are
>> unique to pocket pc phones. I'd also like an ActiveX interface that lets
>> you easily integrate ActiveX / OLE Automation objects with Lua. The
>> "jsdb" project does that for JavaScript, so I'm sure it could be done
>> for Lua. The tricky part (that jsdb's ActiveX intergration doesn't
>> support) is receiving ActiveX events and sending them to Lua
>> (IConnectionPointContainer et al). Python's win32com module does all
>> that stuff, and it's extremely useful. I'd love that for Lua on Windows
>> and Windows CE.
>> -Don
>> jason zhang wrote:
>>> The previous mail is held by the maillist because it is bigger than 40k
>>> I attach a new package. It only include the files which only exists in
>>> CE version.
>>>     ----- Original Message -----
>>>     *From:* jason zhang <>
>>>     *To:* Lua list <>
>>>     *Sent:* Tuesday, August 29, 2006 1:09 PM
>>>     *Subject:* WinCE porting for Lua5.1
>>>     I ported the Lua5.1 to WinCE, base Pedro Miller Rabinovitch's
>>>     porting for Lua5.0
>>>     This version can be compiled under both WinCE and other generic
>>>     platforms. I tested
>>>     it on mingw,EVC4,Cygwin and VC6.
>>>     Free for using and I hope the official version of Lua5.1 can
>>>     support WinCE natively.
>>>     Thanks.
>>>     ps. there is a 'diffs' file in the package, which is compared with
>>>     the original Lua5.1 sourcecode.