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Seems interesting, looks fine as skeleton system, why not do an IUP based version ( ) using IupMatrix as basis for simple spreadsheet. In general more examples and samples of usage might generate more interest. And a completely self contained system including all binaries to run would make it easier to give feedback. I generally just run Windows or MAC, and linux rarely, so you might get more feedback with a windows version?

AGRW, Boston.

On 8/8/06, Richard Simes <> wrote:
Having not gotten a lot of feedback (read any) from my previous post,
I thought I'd say a little more about the program.

Features include:
* Excel/standard spreadsheet  like function format. Including a range
operator (:)
and you can add your own to the file lcfunctions.lua
* Sorting by columns
* Copy/Paste compatibility with gnumeric&open office calc
* probably with excel also (but i still haven't built it on windows... sorry)

You can see a screenshot here:
and download the lates version here:

Please email me if you have any comments/questions,
even if it's to say you couldn't get it to work or you think it sucks...