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Hi List,
I've been asking a few newbie questions on various lua and related
lists for a while now, all related to me trying to write a spreadsheet
program in Lua.

have finally got it to a semi-usable state, so thought I'd share it.
The interface is written in C++/wxWidgets, but all the functionality
is in lua 5.1

it's still got a looong way to go... especially in the user interface.

you can download the source here:

I'm trialing out the brand new google project hosting, which you can
access the svn repository from:

It should be reasonably obvious how to use it... the cells accept
valid lua values (prepend function calls with '=')

Any comments/feedback would be appreciated..

So far I've got it to build on linux and NetBSD, I'm about to attempt
a windows build...