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Does not provide fancy documentation layout (nor does Doxygen; it just produces a Lot of Crap! :)

The manual commenting 'standard' I've adopted for myself. There's surely a lot of special needs for Lua API, as this sample tries to show. And also return values can be various types, and/or optional.

// void= SDL_UpdateRect( surf_ref, x_int, y_int, w_int, h_int )
// void= SDL_UpdateRect( surf_ref )
// void= SDL_UpdateRect( surf_ref, rect1_tbl [,rect2_tbl [, ...]] )
// Note: Just 'surf_ref' means 'update whole surface'.
GLUA_FUNC( SDL_UpdateRect )

But this has worked for me well; only requires one to check from the Source and/or make a filter to do fancy output of these (would not be hard, hmmm... ;)


Sam Roberts kirjoitti 4.8.2006 kello 23.09:

We are doing it with doxygen now, but doxygen thinks the APIs are C
callable, and the output is kindof strange.

I'm tempted to give robodoc a whirl, because it doesn't assume much
about the source language, which is good in this case (the source
language, C, isn't the language the APIs are called from, lua).

ruby's rdoc can parse rdoc comments in C, and build docs for ruby libs
implemented in C, but it didn't look like luadoc has this capability,
did I miss it?

What are other people doing?