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Quoting Hisham Muhammad <>:
> At the risk of being off-topic: FUSE has been ported to FreeBSD (same
> codebase for the userspace part is used in both systems); there were

nice, didn't know that

> talks on the FUSE list about porting it to Mac OS X as well but I
> don't know how far that went. Libfuse looks very much like a *nix
> thing though, so if you're going for greater portability, the Xavante
> approach is probably a better bet.

that was my reasoning. also, WebDAV is the only fs-like protocol i know that 
goes well beyond classic fs model, with properties, sophisticated locking and 

i got the basic DAV server running on Xavante, but i stumbled when trying to 
define a simple but expressive API for modules.  ideally, it would be easy to 
create a new backends for file, locks, properties and versions.  for example, 
the typical properties backend would use a database (BDB, or SQL, whatever), 
but another one could read EXIM fields on a picture file, hopefully the 
administrator could select more than one backend, to add properties easily.

that's where i got dazzled, and reverted to the "simpler" problem of creating 
yet another way to program websites....