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I'm on OS X. I use TextMate as my editor. Beyond having a good editor
(I'm sure Emacs and vi would work very well here), and having lua
interpreter running in a shell window and using print() statements for
debugging, I don't think Lua 'needs' an IDE.

In Lua itself, you probably want to develop/find a little useful
library for debugging, so that you can simply (selectively) dump out
your data structures instead of a million little print statements.

The Programming in Lua book has a little routine I adapted to print
out my data structures (my changes were to not blow up when there's a
function in the hash table). I don't have cyclic references, so I
didn't care to make it handle that case ...

function pos.util.serialize(o)
	if type(o) == "number" then
	elseif type(o) == "string" then
		io.write(string.format("%q", o))
	elseif type(o) == "table" then
		for k,v in pairs(o) do
			io.write("  ")
			io.write(" = ")
	elseif type(o) == "function" then
		--error('can\'t serialize functions')
		error('won\' serialize object of unknown type!')

I'm certain there are other great debugging tools/functions and I
guess if I were you, I would look for more things like that, lua code
that helps in your interactive session, and not the editor part of it

To the rest of the list. Could you share your little lua
tips/tricks/functions for interactive lua use especially debugging
code and tracing program execution? I know about the stuff listed on but I would be
interested to hear what people actually find useful that's not in
there ...

-- G.

-- G.

On 7/19/06, Stefan Brantschen <> wrote:
Hi list members -

What are your recommendations as regards development environments and
tools (for LUA 5.1) for Mac OS X (besides 'lua' and 'luac', of course)?

Thanks for your support.

With regards
- Stefan

Stefan Brantschen