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On Wed, Jul 05, 2006 at 11:54:51AM -0700, Nick Tourte wrote:
> I'm attempting to write a wrapper class for a vector for lua binding, and 
> the tolua++ reference manual implies that you can do just that and simply, 
> too. The example is just a class in terms of T (which I presume is a simple 
> typedef), wherein the T is replaced in tolua's internals via the 
> TOLUA_TEMPLATE_BIND macro. Unfortunately, when I compile the generated .cpp 

The example on the manual shows the code that goes into the pkg file. The 
class _is_ a template, you just have to leave the 'template <class T>' 
part out of the pkg file. The actual header has the template stuff.
The example on the manual will probably work with the std::vector class, 
you'll probably have to do 'using std::vector;' first.

> file, it gives me compiler errors because the class that I wrote was not a 
> template class (as the example is not either), and yet tolua++ has 

Of course, if your class is not a template, you can just declare it 
normally on the pkg like any other class, no need for templates at all.. 

> interpreted the code in such a way as to translate the class into a template 
> class. Furthermore, when I tried to make the class a template class, it 
> wouldn't even compile into the .cpp file, presumably because tolua doesn't 
> recognize the template directive. Help?
> Nick