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Research wrote:
Thanks for your note. Doh! Yep it was the firewall. I was able to retrieve the code okay. Thanks.

Meanwhile, I have a couple of questions.

1. Is it okay to post LuaRC questions here? I tried to create an account on
your forums and it wasn't allowed.
I generally try to keep questions about my modification to Lua offline from the list. Feel free to email me directly. (As far as creating an account goes, I saw the same problem this evening... the ISP must have changed something.)
2. Should ttiswstring on line 583 of ltable.c be replaced with ttisstring? I
couldn't find any definition for ttiswstring.
That code shouldn't even exist and would be the result of a bad merge. Update from Subversion again to get this and another fix or two.
3. I compiled and switched to luarc (and applied #2 above) and it generally works. One thing I noticed is that functions that directly return values from our C Api don't work anymore.

Is this the expected behavior?
No, of course not. I need to repro it here, but I can't imagine what would be causing the issue.