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Could you reconsider the endianess issue? That is, to have the modified lundump.c in the main sources, it could be #ifdef'fed like readline support is, that would be fine (= we need to specifically enable multi-endianness support).

This comes up at least in fink (OS X) packaging; now, we'll have to include & deliver a separate patch. Otherwise, we could be building just based on the official .tar.gz.

Thanks for the consideration, :)


Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo kirjoitti 11.6.2006 kello 2.23:

Roger.  So the 5.1.x luac will always generate (say) little-endian
bytecode and any other platforms will need to cross-compile that
bytecode (or the client platform requires the modified C code).?

luac will always generate native-endian bytecode. There is no cross- compiler (yet). If you want clients to load bytecode of any endiannes, just build Lua with the modified lundump.c that I posted. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear about
that before.