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Alex Queiroz wrote:

    This new build will install as Lua 5.1. It closes some bugs, and
has others. When some user in the future says that he have a problem,
he will report the error against Lua 5.1. But which version does he
use? Lua 5.1? 5.1.1? 5.1.2? 5.1.300? Is this a new bug, or an old one
from an older version? How can I reproduce it? Even the HISTORY file
was kept intact, oh man.

I can see this going in circles. In our firm, products that are
released to the field have a major and minor version. This
is for an embedded product that has a few buttons and an LCD

The minor version is is upgraded when there is a functional
difference that the customer would be aware of.

Bug fixes don't count towards a minor version upgrade.

There is a menu item that lets a customer report the incremental
version number beyond the major and minor one.

The Lua release mechanism is similar, I think. The authors
of Lua seem to be very concerned about keeping versions straight,
and I'm not sure it's fair to imply that they have not thought about

You can always do


To find out the incremental version number if you really need to know.

Cheers, Ralph