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On 6/1/06, Erik Hougaard <> wrote:

You are mssing the point, Lua 5.1 is still Lua 5.1 - this version 5.1.1
of the implementation of Lua 5.1 - Its just a new build-no to use a
different way to tell it.

    This new build will install as Lua 5.1. It closes some bugs, and
has others. When some user in the future says that he have a problem,
he will report the error against Lua 5.1. But which version does he
use? Lua 5.1? 5.1.1? 5.1.2? 5.1.300? Is this a new bug, or an old one
from an older version? How can I reproduce it? Even the HISTORY file
was kept intact, oh man.
    I'm not missing anything. I don't know about you, but where I
work we are very serious about these things. But why do I bother,
everyone in this list is a C wizard and can track the bug himself.