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On 1-Jun-06, at 1:33 PM, Alex Queiroz wrote:


On 6/1/06, Erik Hougaard <> wrote:

You are mssing the point, Lua 5.1 is still Lua 5.1 - this version 5.1.1
of the implementation of Lua 5.1 - Its just a new build-no to use a
different way to tell it.

    This new build will install as Lua 5.1. It closes some bugs, and
has others. When some user in the future says that he have a problem,
he will report the error against Lua 5.1. But which version does he
use? Lua 5.1? 5.1.1? 5.1.2? 5.1.300? Is this a new bug, or an old one
from an older version? How can I reproduce it? Even the HISTORY file
was kept intact, oh man.
    I'm not missing anything. I don't know about you, but where I
work we are very serious about these things. But why do I bother,
everyone in this list is a C wizard and can track the bug himself.

I think the best thing to do right now is relax =) Given that the project has reached a version "5.x" means that their bug reporting procedures were fine for the previous versions, etc. It's not such a big deal. Perhaps your situation at work is different and thus warrants slightly more rigorous versioning procedures, but it appears as though it's different with Lua and has worked fine until now, so it's likely to work fine in the future.