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Hi Francisco,

On 5/28/06, <> wrote:

Cool, LOGO and Lua are actually favorite languages! Unfortunately I'm not aware of any turtle graphics module for Lua, but I have always wondered how to combine them somehow.

Oh well, shame there isn't anything off the shelf, just have to get
out a program a solution ourselves :)

My latest idea was to use Lua VM and libraries and implement a LOGO parser on the top of it, as LOGO syntax still looks simpler for me and more appropriate to teach programming. Any ideas/insights on how to do that?

I'm still realtively new to Lua so I can't provide any insights and
recommendations.  I don't have any problem with the slightly more
complex syntax of Lua over Logo, since its still pretty simple, and
offers a lot more depth in functionality beneath the hood.

My thought was just write write a Lua module that add global functions
for adjusting a global cursor state, and recording the path of that
cursor.  I live and breath 3D graphics so I'd be inclined to do it all
in OpenGL or perhaps in use a scene graph to do all the actual
rendering. Using a scene graph wouild be a bit overkill in some ways
but would make some things easier like adding in your own 3D models,
or textures as you could use all the loaders.   One would have to be
careful about gradually exposing the extra functionality as not to
overload those learning it, but I'm sure this can be done.