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Cool, LOGO and Lua are actually favorite languages! Unfortunately I'm not aware of any turtle graphics module for Lua, but I have always wondered how to combine them somehow.

My latest idea was to use Lua VM and libraries and implement a LOGO parser on the top of it, as LOGO syntax still looks simpler for me and more appropriate to teach programming. Any ideas/insights on how to do that?


> Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 16:38:44 +0100
> From: "Robert Osfield" <>
> Subject: Lua as a basis for logo style turtle graphics
> To: "Lua list" <>
> Hi All,
> I would like to introduce my eldest daughter to programming, she now
> 6, loves art, and is kinda curious about computers, so thought
> something like logo like I was taught back at school many many years
> ago might fit the bill.  Lua is very nearly as simple but much more
> powerful language so seems like an excellent fit for educational
> purposes and useful life long companion.
> Since turtle graphics is very graphical output to what you program,
> and Lua is powerful yet simple languae is seems like Logo style Turtle
> graphics module for Lua would be a really nice way to teach someone
> programming for the first time.  Is there any such modules for Lua?
> If not I might just have to write one ;-)
> Robert.