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Lisa Parratt <> wrote:
bert wrote:
> Hi All,
> Continuing on the LUA on ARM thread... I've been thinking how I could
> run a subset of LUA in under 32K, and fast enough for RT applications.
Never going to happen.
> What if :
> - we don't want to support the lua standard libraries
> - we don't support dynamic memory allocation and leave out the
> garbage collector (so we need a special keyword to alloc all memory at
> boot time)
> - we use int32 instead of float as number type
> - we don't support the local keyword or variables that were not
> explicitly allocated at boot time
Why don't you add the following, while you're at it?
- the ability to raise the dead
- over unity power generation facilities
- faster than light travel

Sorry, I'm afraid I can't do that because I don't have a glowy hippie outfit ...

> what parts of the LUA source distribution would I need to run the VM
> on the ARM and what can I leave out? I looked in the lopcodes.h and
> lvm.c and didn't see special instructions for memory allocation .. but
> then I haven't thoroughly studied all of the LUA code.
That's because it's such a fundamental property of Lua that it's
implemented at a lower more ubiquitous level.


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