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> I'm using w2k for development, compiling with mingw in an msys
> environment.
> Compilation (of lua 5.1) worked fine, as does running it from a standard
> windows command prompt.  However, lua.exe produces no output by default
> when
> run from within msys.  I traced this down to the lua_stdin_is_tty() macro
> in
> luaconf.h - it would seem that _isatty() always returns 0 when running
> from
> msys.  For my own use, I've simply hacked the luaconf.h file to return 1
> here, but perhaps there is a better solution?

I ran into exactly this problem. On MinGW you need to start
Lua like so:

  lua -i

while on Cygwin the standard


works fine. I'm not sure of the best way to handle the situation