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On May 05, 2006, at 00:33, John D. Ramsdell wrote:

In Java, I hate the fact that they adopted the smooshed identifier
convention from SmallTalk, rather than the underscore identifier
convention used in many C programs.

By that token, shouldn't the class/file names follow that convention as well?

    - Capitalized_Words_With_Underscores (ugly!)

Instead you have:

    - CapitalizedWords (or CapWords, or CamelCase -- so named because
of the bumpy look of its letters[4]). This is also sometimes known as

Followed by:

    - lower_case_with_underscores

I personally stick with Objective-C naming convention, out of habit I guess: CodingGuidelines/Articles/NamingBasics.html CodingGuidelines/Articles/NamingMethods.html

There is no accounting for taste :)


PA, Onnay Equitursay