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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
> [...] He thinks the Wiki is 'suboptimal' for this. [...]

I have to clarify this: the current lua-users Wiki does not make
it easy to add inline Lua code with syntax highlighting. And it's
difficult to allow downloading of the same code snippets in pure
text form (without getting into sync problems).

I'm not aware of any generic software for nicely maintaining a
repository of source code snippets and comments. I guess a Wiki
is still the best match, but it would need some extensions for
inlining Lua code. Some of this may be available in other Wiki
software. But it may be easier to modify the current Wiki. Maybe
the examples should be in an extra Wiki tree, too.

[To keep this discussion in focus: let's solve the problem of a
repository for Lua code _snippets_ first. This is not about a
CPAN for Lua -- which has very different needs.]