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> De: Mike Pall
> I'm not aware of any generic software for nicely maintaining a
> repository of source code snippets and comments. I guess a Wiki
> is still the best match, but it would need some extensions for
> inlining Lua code. Some of this may be available in other Wiki
> software. But it may be easier to modify the current Wiki. Maybe
> the examples should be in an extra Wiki tree, too.

GForge offers the snippet tab (see for an example of one) but we found it too cumbersome to use and decided to cut it from LuaForge.

If that turns out to be useful, we can activate it back. Please take a look at other snippet directories before jumping to conclusions, the issue is quite subtle.

> [To keep this discussion in focus: let's solve the problem of a
> repository for Lua code _snippets_ first. This is not about a
> CPAN for Lua -- which has very different needs.]

I agree, Wiki/LuaForge or anything else can take care of snippets.

CPAN for Lua is another thing and a wild adventure per se (we have been refering to this concept internally as LuaRocks, just like RubyGems).