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I would like to, hmmm, use some SQL like syntax in Lua and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on such endeavor?

My current thinking is to chain function calls which mimic SQL constructs. Something along these lines:

DB:Select( 'name' ):
        From( aSource ):
        Where( 'name', 'like', '%joe%' ):
        Where( 'city', '=', 'NYC' ):
        Order( 'name' )()

Or perhaps wrap the above in a function call which would execute in a custom environment (providing additional substitution magic along the way):

local aStatement = function()
        Select( name )
        From( aSource )
        Where( name, like, '%joe%' )
        Where( city, eq, 'NYC' )
        Order( name )

DB:run( aStatement )

Any thoughts on such constructs?

Thanks for any insights!


PA, Onnay Equitursay