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Hi, just for those who're interested i just 'finished' the lua
enhanced energymech ('xonerator'), based on emech-2.9.x with
massive modifications (which means, userfile format is not
compatible with energymech):
you also need lua-5.1 of course :)


"The EnergyMech is a UNIX compatible IRC bot programmed
 in the C language, freely distributable under GNU General
 Public License (GPL)."

See also for information about this bot.

quick'n'dirty install:

foo:~$ wget
foo:~$ tar -xzf xonerator-1.tar.gz
foo:~$ cd xonerator-1
foo:~/xonerator-1$ wget
                   (or copy it over, as you already got the archive ;-)
foo:~/xonerator-1$ ./configure
foo:~/xonerator-1$ make install

Some documentation is included (see ./docs/*). You'll find some scripts

I hope there are not too much flows in the code. bug reports are