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On 2/23/06, Mike Pall <> wrote:

Chris Marrin wrote:

This page is outdated. Active development takes place here:

I actually prefer the old shootout to the new stuff being done on alioth.   The new benchmarks are so complicated that programmer ability can have an enormous impact on the results.   It was bad enough before with the relatively simple tests but some of those new versions are way beyond the complexity of the original shootout.  More complexity means more chances for the writer of the code to screw up.  Plus they take a lot of skill and time to implement so many languages are missing from the results.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the new stuff can be useful and everyone involved has the best intentions.  It just seems like it has taken what was a simple, neat, KISS type thing and turned it into a bloated unreliable mess with huge gaping missing parts.  Just looking at the results now there is a strong bias towards non-conventional languages.  Except in a few specialized cases, the old standards like C and FORTRAN should set the marks to beat.  I don't see that in the current results.