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On Wednesday 22 February 2006 06:36, Dave Dodge wrote:
> For those who aren't familiar with tcc, the word "fast" is an
> understatement.  tcc is so fast compared to a typical C compiler that
> you can hardly believe it's actually compiling the code.  As a
> demonstration, the author produced a bootloader that could boot the
> Linux kernel from sourcecode in under 15 seconds.

It also produces *extremely bad* code. At least for ARM. (I can't read Intel 
assembly.) But it's a very interesting idea.

Has anyone seen Lightning? It's a run-time machine code generation library 
that allows you to generate, uh, machine code from a MIPS-like abstract 
assembly language. Currently it supports ia32, SPARC and PowerPC. It's a bit 
clunky but it does seem to work.

I'm currently thinking about a project using Lua for doing very low-level 
stuff --- writing an operating system in it, basically --- and so have been 
looking into this kind of thing as a hardware interface.

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