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Zulfiqar Malik wrote:
Has anyone else reproduced the crash on his/her own system using VS2003? I
have tried with both LUA 5.0 and 5.0.2, but nothing is working out. Thanks
for taking time out.

I compiled your application using Visual C++ 2003 and Lua 5.1 beta. I had to make small modifications but I managed to get something like this as output when I ran the application:
lua opened successfully, closing
line 2
0 c=1.5 a=1 b=2
1 c=1.25 a=1 b=1.5
2 c=1.375 a=1.25 b=1.5
3 c=1.3125 a=1.25 b=1.375
4 c=1.34375 a=1.3125 b=1.375
5 c=1.328125 a=1.3125 b=1.34375
20 c=1.3247179985046 a=1.3247175216675 b=1.3247184753418
after 20 steps, root is 1.3247179985046387 with error 9.5e-007, f=1.8e-007

I also checked that the hook function was called as supposed and it did. I'm not sure what the result/output should be but I did not manage to crash the application... Of course you can mail me if you have some questions.