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The scripts (nested) are executed 10000 times and the output halts during
the second execution! If you debug (i.e. F5, even with no breakpoints) then
it will show the crash which supposedly indicates a corrupted heap.
Interestingly enough, I just finished testing by converting by DLL to a
static library and everything turns up fine. This test points to the
direction that it is infact, not a lua bug but some other problem, which
ofcourse, I can't figure out :). I can get back to work, at least right now,
but I would really want to know what the problem really is! Thanks for your
time guys. I hope someone can explain this, because I wasted 4 days on this

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Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 4:09 PM
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Subject: Re: Lua bug application

Zulfiqar Malik wrote:
> Has anyone else reproduced the crash on his/her own system using VS2003? I
> have tried with both LUA 5.0 and 5.0.2, but nothing is working out. Thanks
> for taking time out.

I compiled your application using Visual C++ 2003 and Lua 5.1 beta. I 
had to make small modifications but I managed to get something like this 
as output when I ran the application:
lua opened successfully, closing
line 2
0 c=1.5 a=1 b=2
1 c=1.25 a=1 b=1.5
2 c=1.375 a=1.25 b=1.5
3 c=1.3125 a=1.25 b=1.375
4 c=1.34375 a=1.3125 b=1.375
5 c=1.328125 a=1.3125 b=1.34375
20 c=1.3247179985046 a=1.3247175216675 b=1.3247184753418
after 20 steps, root is 1.3247179985046387 with error 9.5e-007, f=1.8e-007

I also checked that the hook function was called as supposed and it did. 
I'm not sure what the result/output should be but I did not manage to 
crash the application... Of course you can mail me if you have some