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Not having the compiler ie VS2003 my best guess is that you are using
two different mallocs.

In the dll project you use
in the main program you use

I am presuming that these equate to the /MD and /MT compiler
options. Make the option values both /MD (ie "1") and you
should be OK


On 2/21/06, Zulfiqar Malik <> wrote:
> Okay guys, I have finally managed to reproduce the scenario in a very
> minimalist application. Basically the problem occurs when the hook procedure
> is in a separate DLL. Please find the attached .zip file. It contains two
> projects (Visual Studio 2003), one is the DLL (named: LuaDLL) containing the
> hook procedure. The other is the project (named: TestLUA) that uses that dll
> to hook lua events, it also contains the lua scripts that are recursively
> executed. Both are really a few lines of code and no one should have a
> problem understanding them, but if you still do, then please tell me.
> Please change the output paths of the projects to your convenience. I hope
> this helps.
> I hope you can figure the problem out. I really need your help. Thanks in
> advance.
> Regards,
> Zulfiqar Inayat Malik.