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On 18 févr. 06, at 19:03, Gavin Kistner wrote:

Can someone provide the explicit instructions that someone who hasn't used *any* compiled language since 1998 needs to build lua 5.1 with readline support under MacOS X v10.4.5?

Install DarwinPorts and wait for the lua 5.1 port to be updated (it's still at 5.0.2 right now but I'm pretty sure it will be updated quickly once the public announcement about 5.1 is made, I'll personnally file the corresponding port patch in their bugzilla database if it takes too long).

And then simply do:
sudo port install lua

This will take care of all dependencies, makefile patching and whatnot for you.

PS: hey, lua newbie here, this is my first post on this list, so hello everyone ;)

Luc Heinrich - -