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I'm releasing tolua++-1.0.90 and lua_qt-0.0.4a.

New on tolua++ 1.0.90:

- lua 5.1 support (see README-5.1)
- Support for casting operators (for example 'operator string();') 
- New utility functions, tolua.setpeer and tolua.getpeer, for easier (and faster) inheritance from C/C++ objects (only for lua 5.1) 
- Some small API changes (see the compatibility section of the manual)

The reason for the tolua++ version number is that I'm switching to 1.1, and I'm considering some API changes (nothing too drastic, just small stuff), so if anyone has any suggestions/requests, I'd love to hear from the users before I make the change.

tolua++ website:

New on lua_qt 0.0.4a:

- lua 5.1 only
- Support for qt 4.1.0 (only so it compiles on both qt versions, the new 
additions to the qt API will be supported on the next release)
- Support for QVariant as a basic type (values are converted to and from QVaraiant automatically when necesary)
- Changed the name of the default libraries/binaries to follow the naming scheme 
used on the Debian packages (I'm hoping it will with with the next version of the debian package)
- misc bugfixes

lua_qt website: