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On Mon, 2006-13-02 at 19:38 -0800, nusret wrote:
Thank you Sir. 
I have a little suggestion: if you change 
cd src;
instances to
cd src && 
in the makefile(s), one can use the windows native
port of make (aka mingw32-make) as well as the others.
Otherwise one has to use cygwin version or msys
version, but mingw32-make fails as cmd.exe takes ; as
part of a file pathname.


That, then, would fail under various UNIX environments.  Not a portable solution.  Of course writing a sed/awk/perl/python/whatever script to globally make that change on your computer will solve the problem nicely.  Hell, there's probably something you can do with CMD.EXE -- there's a whole bunch of stuff it can do to files that nobody every looks at.

Michael T. Richter
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