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Hi Tomas,

On this day of 2-9-2006 4:38 AM, Tomas saw fit to scribe:
I'm not sure where to look. Nothing in /var/log/httpd is helpful; error.log contains nothing useful.

I'm not sure exactly what needs to be done to set this up. For instance, I'm not sure where mod2.lua is supposed to be. At the moment, it's in $(LUA_DIR)/cgilua/mod2.lua which appears to be the default.
    mod2.lua is loaded  This file can be included in
the mod_lua.c if INCLUDE_LUA is defined (check the config file in Kepler's
root directory).  If it is not included, you should indicate where it is
located with LuaMain Apache directive (note that this directory is only
available if INCLUDE_LUA was NOT defined while compiling the module).
    If you have not included mod2.lua, you can put some code in it
to be sure it is being loaded (like opening a file or writting to stderr,
which should write to the default Apache log file -- not the log file
defined in VIrtualHost's).

I tried adding Lua code for both writing to a file, and writing to stderr -- both with INCLUDE_LUA and without. As far as I can tell, Apache is not making it to that point.

For that matter, nothing *at all* gets printed to /var/log/httpd/error_log.

Could it be that Apache is not finding the shared Lua library? I wouldn't see why: I have /usr/local/lib/

It probably doesn't matter, but I'm using Fedora 4 on x86.

Thanks again for your help.
- David