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Hi Tomas,

On this day of 2-8-2006 6:00 AM, Tomas saw fit to scribe:
    Have you installed LuaBinaries Release 2?  It seems you're
using stock Lua distribution and in this case you could have a library
not correctly configured to Kepler.

I installed them, and now the configtest works. I think the problem was that I wasn't building stock shared libraries, only static (didn't know I needed shared). But I still can't start Apache -- see below.

But in any case, when I actually go to start Apache, it simply fails to
start. No error messages anywhere that I can see.
    Have you looked at the error logs?

I'm not sure where to look. Nothing in /var/log/httpd is helpful; error.log contains nothing useful.

I'm not sure exactly what needs to be done to set this up. For instance, I'm not sure where mod2.lua is supposed to be. At the moment, it's in $(LUA_DIR)/cgilua/mod2.lua which appears to be the default. I modified the mod2 makefile to use liblua50.a from LuaBinaries R2 (as liblua.a is the stock distribution).

The question is somewhat newbieish but I wish I knew how to see why Apache is failing to start. Is there another log I should know about?

If necessary I will just go install Xavante and use that on a different port to handle my Lua requests, but I'd rather just have Apache taking care of everything since that's what's already set up. I need Apache at the moment for its WebDAV support.

Thanks for your help, and sorry again for the newbieness...
- David