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On 1/27/06, David Haley <> wrote:
> For what it's worth, I also prefer the slash-less variant. My argument
> is that when I have multiple versions of Lua installed, I can have
> ${prefix}/lib/{lua5.1, lua5.0, lua4, etc.} - and have a single symlink
> ${prefix}/lib/lua pointing to the "current" Lua libs. But if modules
> were to be installed into ${prefix}/lib/lua/5.1, they would go into the
> wrong place if my symlink pointed elsewhere (say, to my 5.0 installation.)

     The idea is to allow several Lua versions to coexist peacefully
in the same system. So, the currently running Lua interpreter must be
able to find the proper dynamic modules without resorting to symlinks
to the current version in use. That's why the version component must
be part of the Lua search path.