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On this day of 1-27-2006 3:57 AM, Mike Pall saw fit to scribe:
John Belmonte wrote:
With help from Enrico Tassi, I've packaged Lua 5.1 (currently up to the
"original" -rc release) for Debian GNU/Linux officially, and it has
entered the distribution's unstable archive.
Lua 5.1 default: ${prefix}/lib/lua/5.1  ${prefix}/share/lua/5.1
Debian Lua 5.1:  ${prefix}/lib/lua5.1   ${prefix}/share/lua5.1


Proposal: The slash-less variant is simpler and matches e.g. the
Python conventions. This means standard Lua should be changed. If
this cannot be considered for the final release anymore, then
Debian Lua should be changed.

For what it's worth, I also prefer the slash-less variant. My argument is that when I have multiple versions of Lua installed, I can have ${prefix}/lib/{lua5.1, lua5.0, lua4, etc.} - and have a single symlink ${prefix}/lib/lua pointing to the "current" Lua libs. But if modules were to be installed into ${prefix}/lib/lua/5.1, they would go into the wrong place if my symlink pointed elsewhere (say, to my 5.0 installation.)

I don't know if this argument has any general validity whatsoever. It's probably rather specific to how I set things up (which might be a dumb way anyhow - I'm kind of new at laying out files on a *nix system). But, it's just my two cents' worth... And in fact, if you have feedback regarding this way of laying things out in the first place, please give it! :-)

- David