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On Wed, 2006-25-01 at 12:35 -0700, Mark Edgar wrote:
> Dahl's loop-while-repeat statement is more 
> general than either of the two other loops, and it allows for more 
> elegant expression:
> loop
>    line =
> while line
>    io.write(line)
> repeat
> I'm not seriously proposing this change for Lua, but I've been wanting 
> to use this control structure ever since I learned of it and I know of 
> no language which implements it.

That smells Eiffelish to me.  It's been a long time since I toyed with
Eiffel, though, so I could be wrong.

Michael T. Richter
michael_richter_1966; AIM: YanJiahua1966; ICQ: 241960658; Jabber:

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