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On 1/20/06, Jose Marin <> wrote:
> Hello.
> I would like to know your oppinion about that.
> Is possible to create an entire game written in Lua?
> Of course, it would be an library for the game engine,
> but the entire logic/menus/etc of the game would be
> written in Lua.
> Why? Portability.

I won't mention which one as it could give bad ideas to some people,
but I know that one major (and quite good looking too) MMORPG has its
client written mostly in python.
Basically, as far as I could tell, the rendering engine and resource
management/streaming (and probably the collision code too) are in C++,
and everything else (including even the directx initialisation code,
the UI toolkit, and the network code) is written in python.

So, the same approach in Lua is most certainly possible, as long as
you're careful to implement everything that is time consuming as
native code.