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> I feel uneasy at adding more "official" targets to the Makefile; it
> to imply that we have tested them all, but we only have convenient
> to Linux and Mac OS X (convenient in the sense that we can readily
> any changes).
> It seems to me that community effort is needed for supplying the
> incantations for each platform -- the community is being great with
> that. But, as Mike says, do we really want to have two targets for
> platform, one with say readline or dynamic loading, and one without?
> I'm not sure what to do. We can just include those incantations

You could use the compile farm at Sourceforge. These are the targets

If people want a particular target they add it to premake and this makes
targeting that platform easy. A test harness could be added to the
project and run for each platform and the packaged executables
distributed from SF.

If Lua standardized on a particular make system like this it might by
possible to create a standardized packaging and distribution system a-la
CPAN, Debian, RPM, ish-like-thing.

<cough>Student project</cough> :)