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12.01.2005 Javier Guerra wrote
>this functionality could be done at least two ways:
>1) a PHP-like way: a couple of functions to be called from a script
>(CGILua, a 
>handler, webCode, etc).  the script writer calls them and either grants or 
>refuses access

As I understand this solution is only for Lua scripts.
So file handler will be out of scope.

>2) a middle handler: this handler gets a few parameters to manage 
>authentication (authorized users, a check funciton, a DB backend, whatever)

>and another handler (as a parameter too).  it checks the authorizations, if

>refused, generates the 401, if granted, calls the 'sub handler'

>the first way is a bit easier, but the second one might be more flexible.
>it also points to the way of a deep hierarchy of handlers i'd like to
>eventually have.

I absolutely think it must be generic solution for all typed of handlers.
It is full standard feature of HTTP protocol.
Why not just integrate such stuff into Xavante core?