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On Friday 13 January 2006 4:33 am, Alexander Altshuler wrote:
> >1) a PHP-like way: a couple of functions to be called from a script
> As I understand this solution is only for Lua scripts.
> So file handler will be out of scope.

in principle yes, but it would be trivially easy to write a second file 
handler that cares about authentication.

> >2) a middle handler: this handler gets a few parameters to manage
> >authentication (authorized users, a check funciton, a DB backend,
> > whatever)
> I absolutely think it must be generic solution for all typed of handlers.
> It is full standard feature of HTTP protocol.
> Why not just integrate such stuff into Xavante core?

the core would be getting smaller and smaller in each release;this (and other) 
feature would be added, but as optional modules. 

feature-creep is one of the capital sins of development.  especially when 
working with a dynamic language like Lua that lets you abstract optional 
features so nicely


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