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On 26 Dec '05, at 6:21 AM, Asko Kauppi wrote:

..and a decent built-in debugger.  :)

Please, if Santa's still listening... something in the lines of the 'lua' executable, would 'luad' be a proper name?

Yesterday, I would have wanted one. Normally, "print"s are effective but following the flow of execution by such techniques is a no-go. For that, a "sample debugger".

Hear, hear! In a non-type-checked language like Lua, a lot of the mistakes that would have been caught at compile time in C/Java/etc. (even trivial typos!) don't manifest until runtime; and without a good debugger some of these can be difficult to track down.

(Plus, a Lua debugger could do wonderful things like letting you fix the typo while your code is still running.)