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Merry Christmas Asko,

I agree. I dont expect much change. Incorporation of Mike Pauls
Coco would be nice.

David B.

On 12/25/05, <> wrote:
> Lainaus ñÒÈóÃñ <>:
> > Hi everyone!
> >
> > Is there any plan or roadmap to the future of Lua?
> While waiting for the answers, here's my view of Things in the Making:
> - Lua 5.1 brings standard way of making modules, and this is probably the most
> important "new feature" it has, history will tell.
> Personally, I don't expect much more from the Lua >5.1 versions ("small moves,
> Sparky, small moves.." ;) but much more of the community at large (that is: us)
> to provide such modules, and make them truly inter-operable.
> A nice repository of modules, perhaps, but that may be best covered by actively
> pushing stuff to apt-get/fink/etc. where people already pick their favorite
> software. They'll simply "sudo apt-get install luasocket" and start using it?
> This would also allow other packages to depend on luasocket (which depends on
> lua 5.1) so... I think we shouldn't re-invent that mechanism.
> The only thing I'd really want of Lua itself, is enumerated types, so that C API
> constants can be used as type-aware parameters, and catch any "false" usage
> (color enum where font enums should be, and such). This is a major issue for
> coding larger programs with SDL, Gtk+ etc. and currently, just placing those
> enums as integers is a Lowsy Solution. I shall look into this, if it could be
> achieved by the extended metatable handling there now is, or some other "stock
> Lua" technique.
> Then again, it will be interesting to see what others thing "Lua 6.0" would have
> in store for them... :)  It is New Year, after all.
> -asko