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Lainaus ñÒÈóÃñ <>:

> Hi everyone!
> Is there any plan or roadmap to the future of Lua?

While waiting for the answers, here's my view of Things in the Making:

- Lua 5.1 brings standard way of making modules, and this is probably the most
important "new feature" it has, history will tell.

Personally, I don't expect much more from the Lua >5.1 versions ("small moves,
Sparky, small moves.." ;) but much more of the community at large (that is: us)
to provide such modules, and make them truly inter-operable.

A nice repository of modules, perhaps, but that may be best covered by actively
pushing stuff to apt-get/fink/etc. where people already pick their favorite
software. They'll simply "sudo apt-get install luasocket" and start using it?
This would also allow other packages to depend on luasocket (which depends on
lua 5.1) so... I think we shouldn't re-invent that mechanism.

The only thing I'd really want of Lua itself, is enumerated types, so that C API
constants can be used as type-aware parameters, and catch any "false" usage
(color enum where font enums should be, and such). This is a major issue for
coding larger programs with SDL, Gtk+ etc. and currently, just placing those
enums as integers is a Lowsy Solution. I shall look into this, if it could be
achieved by the extended metatable handling there now is, or some other "stock
Lua" technique. 

Then again, it will be interesting to see what others thing "Lua 6.0" would have
in store for them... :)  It is New Year, after all.