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On 12/19/05, Kein-Hong Man <> wrote:
> Hi Zigmar,
> Pavel Antokolsky aka Zigmar wrote:
> > I've customized notepad2 editor by added lua syntax highlighting to
> > it. Actually it was easy enough, because it is based on scintilla lib
> > which already has lua lexer, so all I needed is just to plug it in
> > right way to the editor. Anyway, despite the ease, it was a bit time
> > consuming, so I thought someone might also want it. I can send the
> > updated executable (236kb zip, P4/SSE) or the source code.
> Can you confirm that this is the recently-released Scintilla 1.67?
> Support for the new Lua 5.1 syntax entered the Scintilla CVS on
> 20051202, so it would be nice if you can provide the latest to
> those who might want it.
Yes, I've used the version I've donloaded yesterday, and it is 1.67,
with your patch for Lua 5.1 syntax.

Best regards,