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I've customized notepad2 editor by added lua syntax highlighting to
it. Actually it was easy enough, because it is based on scintilla lib
which already has lua lexer, so all I needed is just to plug it in
right way to the editor. Anyway, despite the ease, it was a bit time
consuming, so I thought someone might also want it. I can send the
updated executable (236kb zip, P4/SSE) or the source code.

Who those who does not know what is the notepad2 it - it is a very
nice text editor, an excellent replacement for standard "notepad". By
start-up speed and easy of use (and unclutterness of UI) it resembles
the original notepad, but by features it can be compared to much more
sophisticated editors (well, after all it has scintilla core). Really
my favorite "online" editor for windows. Only thing I was missing was
Lua syntax highlighting. :)
The original version and source I've got from

Best regards,