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Rici Lake wrote:

On 1-Dec-05, at 12:28 PM, Keith Wiles wrote:

To make a long story short (which I have failed already :-) is Lua needs to be developer friendly in the areas of source code control and how they effect the content such as which libs are linked into the image. It would be better if Lua was able to be compiled as an archive and the developer could alter the behavior externally without editing the source code or having to copy files.

Perhaps I don't understand your concern, but it seems to me that your issue is only with the Lua standalone interpreter, which you are under no obligation to use in any project. Indeed, it's pretty unlikely that you would use it in an embedded platform (or at least I wouldn't) because of its dependency on console I/O.

Core Lua -- that is, the VM, compiler and standard libraries -- is compiled as an archive, ready to be embedded into any project you desire.

I see two uses for Lua in an embedded device one is the VM,compiler, ... driving parts of the system without having to have console I/O. The other is using the standalone interpreter as a simple shell for debugging or running a Lua script to provide the user with a command line interface (CLI).

A lot of the embedded devices have a CLI for the user to adjust behavior or get status. I have used both methods in the same embedded device and found it to be very useful. During development I used the standalone interpreter to debug the system, allowing me to write simple one line scripts at the console or load a script from a remote disk over a network. Then switch over to the CLI script to see what the user will be using day to day. The CLI only protects the system from the user and provides a nice environment for the user.

I guess what I am asking for is for Lua to provide these hooks in the standard package and any other areas within Lua a developer may want to effect change (to a given point of course). I guess I could be making a big thing over nothing, but it does seem reasonable to me as it would be fairly simple to polish these areas for a cleaner package.

Thanks again for the input,