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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
Was the intent for the developer to copy and/or modify linit.c for each project which required more or different libs?

Yes, if the user libraries are static. If you use lua.c then all you
need to do is to link lua.o with your linit.o and of course with
lualib.a. If you use your own main, then link with your linit.o and call
luaL_openlibs (perhaps from inside a lua_cpcall, like lua.c does).
That is why linit.c is a separate module, not a part of lua.c as it used to be.

I guess having to copy and modify the linit.c file is one method, but it is not as clean as it could be for the developer. It is fast and easy, but it requires the developer to modify files in the standard release.

In most embedded applications Lua would be a very small, but very central part of the whole project. Some large projects have restrictions on editing and/or changing source code for common components. Some devices require the system to be certified, which means you may not be able to alter the source after it has been certified and the developer would only get archives of the component.

To make a long story short (which I have failed already :-) is Lua needs to be developer friendly in the areas of source code control and how they effect the content such as which libs are linked into the image. It would be better if Lua was able to be compiled as an archive and the developer could alter the behavior externally without editing the source code or having to copy files.

One of the methods I used was the global 'userLibHook' pointer to allow the developer to add his own hooks without having to alter a single line of code in the core component. This is only one method which I have used in the past, but I am sure others could create a better solution.

I want Lua to be developer friendly and be able to be upgraded in a large project or multiple projects without any modification needing to be done to Lua by developer. Each time the developer alters core code in an external component he starts to own that code and can be difficult to upgrade or it takes time away from the real areas of the code.

I hope I have not upset anyone and I am sorry for the bandwidth usage.