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On 11/25/05, Alex Queiroz <> wrote:
> > I've heard about this and it does sound nice (as does the rest of
> > 5.1), but where is the documentation for it? I don't see anything
> > official on, or the wiki, or even with google. I see that
> > LuaSocket 2.0 uses it so maybe I could dissect it to to figure it out.
> > :(
>      As someone has already pointed out in another email, the package
> proposal is in the email archive:

Yeah, I saw those. I'm personally unfamiliar with the even the 5.0
package system so it's not clear to me what's really required. I'll
check out the socket lib and see if an example of it in action clears
it up though.

> > How is 5.1? It seems to have some great new features, but some of the
> > bug reports posted here seem fairly critical. I think we better hold
> > off a bit, since we don't want to change too many things at once and
> > confuse ourselves.
>      You could use Kepler Project's compat-5.1 to use the new
> packaging schene while not moving to Lua 5.1 now.

Ok, we'll see. I just read (somewhere?) that 5.1 should be out by the
end of the year so it won't be too long at all. It'll probably take a
couple weeks to let wxLua settle down from some of the changes I've
been making and so when 5.1 comes out we can switch everything over.
If we're ready before that then we can try to tackle it using the
Kepler code.

    John Labenski